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New postal routes open for cross-border e-commerce

Recently, the first batch of sea-freight outbound parcels that cross customs areas in Zhejiang Province were loaded onto mail trucks from Yiwu and arrived at Ningbo International Mail Exchange Center. This batch of cross-border e-commerce postal parcels will be loaded into containers along with local postal parcels from Ningbo to be transported to Beilun Port Area, before being transported abroad by container liners.

According to Zhou Zhengnan, director of the Customs Supervision Department of the Post Office of Ningbo Customs, postal parcels in the province used to be transported out of Ningbo by air. However, freight by sea has a larger transportation capacity and lower shipping costs, making it particularly suitable for exporting large cross-border e-commerce packages to such neighboring countries as Japan and South Korea.

In order to support the development of postal enterprises, Hangzhou and Ningbo have collaborated to open up a new channel for cross customs sea-freight exports. With the "Ningbo-Yokohama (Japan)" cross-customs freight line for export mail, international mail transfer business has been made possible.

"This can effectively help reduce costs and increase efficiency for cross-border e-commerce exports within the province, besides helping to build Ningbo into a maritime hub for international mail in the province," said Zhou Zhengnan

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