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First overseas "Notarization E-PASS" of Ningbo launched in Melbourne

"It's really convenient. You can do notarization without returning back home, which saves both time and worry." said a Ms. Zhu on November 12, after completing a notarization procedure in Australia, as the overseas version of "Notarization E-PASS" was officially launched and landed in Melbourne, Australia.
Ms. Zhu is from Ningbo and is currently working and living in Melbourne, Australia. In order to facilitate her local travel, she plans to apply for notarization of her driver's license. "It's somewhat troublesome to entrust relatives and friends to handle it, and it's unrealistic to return home at this stage". As she was worried, an acquaintance of Ningbo Association in Australia told her that the "Notarization E-PASS" providing online notarization services would soon be implemented locally, which could solve her urgent need. Ms. Zhu then came to the association for the first time. Under the guidance of the assistant, she completed her self-help bid on the "Notarization E-PASS" all-in-one machine. The notary of Ningbo Yongxin Notary Agency received Ms. Zhu's application materials in the background, confirmed relevant matters and completed material review with her through the video connection of the machine, and it is expected to send the electronic notarial certificate to Ms. Zhu within three working days.
Reportedly, with the novel coronavirus pneumonia affecting the flow of personnel, the demand for overseas notarization is increasing. In July this year, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Justice and the United Front Work Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee started to deploy the launch of the "Notarization E-PASS" project overseas. In November, it successfully landed in Melbourne, Australia. With the Ningbo Association of Australia as the service spot, the system provides efficient and convenient online notarization services for overseas Chinese in Australia. Overseas Chinese do not need to return back to China, which greatly saves time and money costs and avoids the risk of epidemic infection. Xu Bocong, Chairman of Ningbo Association of Australia, said that the landing of the "Notarization E-PASS" in Australia has actively responded to the needs of overseas Chinese for fast and convenient notarization services, and made overseas Chinese feel the superiority and pride brought by the strength of the

In recent years, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Justice has continuously deepened the "Notarization E-PASS" service mode, and implemented the complex and simple diversion of notarization services and mutual integration of online and offline services, thus realizing the one-time notarization, nearby notarization, online notarization and mobile phone notarization, and continuously improving the work efficiency and people's satisfaction. 175 "Notarization E-PASS" service points have been set up in the city to achieve full coverage of towns or streets, and it has radiated to Zhoushan Island and the remote areas in Xinjiang as a "Ningbo model"

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