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Large-scale job fair held in Ningbo

On the morning of October 28, the 2021 large-scale job fair, with the theme of  “Ningbo is my choice”, was held at Ningbo Human Resources Building. Over 170 enterprises and institutions attended the job fair, with over 850 posts, attracting over 1,250 talents to the spot. In addition to the services to local enterprises in Ningbo, a special recruitment block for enterprises from Wanzhou District of Chongqing was set up on site.

At the job fair, the posts launched by the participating institutions and well-known enterprises attracted students from various colleges and universities. Ningbo Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, Ningbo Meishan Island International Container Terminal Co., Ltd., Ningbo Rail Transit Group, Ningbo University of Technology, Jintian group, Riyue Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and other well-known institutions or enterprises brought with them such job posts as Web front-end development engineer, Java software development engineer, electrical engineer, e-commerce operator, comprehensive secretary, copy-writing planner, accountant and fashion designer, with the average monthly salary of the posts exceeding 6000 yuan.

Qunchuang Optoelectronics received over 20 resumes at the job fair. “Most of the applicants are high-level talents from Ningbo University and other schools. At present, corresponding technical posts have been arranged for them and we are looking forward to the next docking interview,” said the recruitment director of Qunchuang


At the special recruitment block for Wanzhou District, a number of college students were interested in the posts from such institutions as Wanzhou District Planning and Design Academy, the Three Gorges Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing University, Wanzhou District Human Resources and Social Security Service Center, and Chongqing Wanzhou Technician College. Among them, Chongqing Wanzhou Technician College received 26 resumes, and students from such colleges and universities as Ningbo University and Northeast Normal University were keen for the posts. “This year’s recruitment result is much better than in previous years, which is inseparable from Ningbo’s efforts to attract talents and its sincerity for talents. I hope there will be such recruitment fairs in the future to build a bridge for further talent communication between the two places, and I hope the excellent talents from Ningbo will contribute a lot to the development of Wanzhou District.” said the recruitment director of Wanzhou Technician College,

Reportedly, the job fair will be operated both online and offline in the meantime

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