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"14th Five-Year Plan for Ningbo Major Construction Projects" Released

Major construction projects are "ballast stones" that promote sustained growth of effective investment and high-quality economic and social development. Recently, the General Office of the Municipal Government issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Major Construction Projects in Ningbo" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), clarifying that the city will arrange 753 major construction projects during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and strive to complete an investment of more than RMB1.73 trillion. Efforts will be made to achieve basically the same pace of growth in fixed asset investment and economic growth.

According to the plan, Ningbo will focus on the mission of forging hard core power, building a good demonstration area, being a good model, accelerating the construction of a modern coastal metropolis, and building a leading city in common prosperity with high-quality development. In the five major areas of scientific and technological innovation, modern industry, transportation facilities, ecological and environmental protection, and social and people's livelihood, we plan to promote a number of major construction projects, making them an important starting point for Ningbo to increase its kinetic energy, enhance its advantages, and improve its energy level.

In terms of improving scientific and technological innovation capabilities, Ningbo will build a number of technology incubation and achievement transformation platforms, gathering a number of large academies, industrial technology research institutes, and industrial innovation centers. Three major technological innovation highlands including new materials, industrial Internet, and key core basic parts have begun to take shape, and investment in high-tech industries will account for 25% of the overall investment.

In constructing a modern industrial system, ten iconic industrial chains with greater influence will be initially formed. The "246" trillion-level industrial cluster will achieve leading development and strive to become the first city with most single champions in the national manufacturing industry; we will accelerate the integration of modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry, and a modern service industry system with distinctive features, high-end business formats, reasonable layout, and strong radiation will be basically formed; the agricultural foundation will be more stable, and the rural industry revitalization action and the beautiful rural construction project will be promoted with high quality.

In the improvement of the comprehensive transportation network, the comprehensive transportation channel layout of “six-way connectivity, three rings and eight shots” will basically take shape. The construction of the 1-hour traffic circle within Ningbo metropolitan area and from Ningbo to Shanghai, the 2-hour traffic circle from Ningbo to the Yangtze River Delta city cluster, and the 3-hour traffic circle from Ningbo to major urban agglomerations across the country will be accelerated. A modern transportation network with smooth external connections and internal connections will be basically completed.

In building an ecological environment for human settlements, a "flood, waterlogging, and tide" water security defense system with multi-system sharing and high-standard resilient development will be basically established, and an urban and rural water supply guarantee system with "multi-source complementarity, dual-network integrated adjustment, high-quality and reliable" will be basically established; the installed capacity of renewable energy power generation will reach 6 million kilowatts, and clean energy will account for more than 28%; the construction of a waste-free city will be accelerated, and the construction of "beautiful Ningbo" will make significant progress.

In terms of ensuring and improving social and people’s livelihoods, we will accelerate the organic renewal of cities and continuously improve the quality of cities; we will solidly promote common prosperity; the inclusive, balanced, high-quality, diversified, and sustainable high-quality public service systems will be basically formed, and the overall level of public services is at the forefront of similar cities

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