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Xiangshan private enterprises engaged in overseas mergers and acquisitions

Ningbo Lawrence Automobile Interior Co. Ltd, a Xiangshan-based private company launched an overseas merger and acquisition campaign by investing $91.62 billion to purchase the 100% shareholding rights of American Northern Engraving Company, with $45.42 million oriented to purchase its subsidiary company in the UK, that is, Northern Automobile System Co. Ltd. This acquisition case has been approved by Ningbo Development and Reform Commission and Ningbo Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau.

The Lawrence Automobile Interior Co. Ltd, which is now attached to Huaxiang Group, was once a well-known enterprise in the UK with its headquarter in Nottingham and the wholly-owned subsidiary company of Intier Automotive Inc. attached to Magna Group of Canada, the third largest auto parts supplier in the world. Its peach wood furniture is a world-famous brand, taking up 10% of the market share. In December 2006, Huaxiang Group invested3.4 million to acquire the 100% shareholding rights of Lawrence Co., which had been in a deficit condition for years. Based on this acquisition, the Group established Ningbo Lawrence Automobile Interior Co. Ltd.

After the acquisition, the 88-year-old well-known enterprise soon got out of the troubled situation and regained its strength for development. Last year, it invested $30 million to acquire successfully the real-wood manufacturing centre of Jaguar Land Rover UK, and thus becomes one of the top three leading suppliers of real-wood decoration items all over the world. This eventually makes it possible for the company to establish its competitive advantage in the industry.

The main reason for Huaxiang Group's eagerness for overseas merger and acquisition is to win the broad international market space by pouring high-quality and low-cost manufacturing into the international brands. Up to present, Ningbo Lawrence Automobile Interior Co. Ltd. has established good cooperation with such auto giants as General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. According to related statistics, after its acquisition of the real-wood manufacturing centre of Jaguar Land Rover UK, its share in the international market of real-wood auto decoration has risen from 8% to 22%.

The American Northern Engraving Company acquired by Ningbo Lawrence Automotive Interior Co., Ltd., is the world's largest high-grade designer and manufacturer of aluminum alloy automobile accessories. It mainly produces auto parts, electronic appliances and aluminum nameplate signs, etc., with an annual sale of $100 million. The company has a fairly high market share in Europe and America.

This overall acquisition has lasted for three years. When it is completed, the company will integrate its management by establishing holding companies in the United States and the UK and move part of the production line back to Xiangshan County. So far, the verification of the related assets has been completed and the two engaged parties have entered the stage of finalizing the acquisition.

According to some insiders, from a global point of view, Chinese enterprises are still beginners in terms of overseas mergers and acquisitions, taking up only a small proportion of the merge and acquisition cases. In light of this situation, Xiangshan private enterprises have played a leading role in handling overseas mergers and acquisitions, which will sure to accelerate the overseas investment by other Chinese enterprises, to change the structure of industrial organizing, and to speed up the enterprises' pace of transformation and up-grading

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