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Ningbo to be reexamined as a model city for environmental protection

News comes from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection that the second round of reexamination of national model city for environmental protection will be conducted in October.

As the biggest honor with regard to environmental protection, the national model cities for environmental protection are models that make great achievements in following and implementing the sustainable development strategy. In 2001, Ningbo was named as a national model city for environmental protection by the former National Environmental Protection Bureau. In 2006, Ningbo passed the first round of reexamination for the model cities. In October this year, Ningbo is to be pre-examined for upgrading, and the official application for reexamination will be submitted by the end of December.

It is said that the criteria for the national model city for environmental protection include four indexes, namely, economic society, environmental quality, development of environmental protection and environmental management. The examination will involve pollution and emission reducing, environmental (such as water, gas, noise) quality, the construction of environmental infrastructure, and the capability of environmental protection. Only those cities that are already national hygienic cities and that have already satisfied the requirements for the quantitative check of comprehensive environmental management and for the investment on environmental protection are qualified to be named as model cities. In the past few years, with the joint efforts of all personnel related, Ningbo has been continuously strengthening and enhancing its achievements in environmental protection and up to now, it has achieved a lot. With regard to the criteria for the national model city for environmental protection, Ningbo has been up to standard.

As to the public participation in environmental protection, Ningbo has got a higher public satisfactory rate for environmental protection, through carrying out more vigorous publicity, providing platforms for the public to participate in the environmental protection and improving the participating system.

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