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Ningbo promoting integration of migrant workers

On November 4, Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Government released “Opinions on Strengthening Service and Administration of Migrant Workers”. According to the Opinions, Ningbo should promote the construction of the six system of education, public services, protection of rights, housing, public security and integration. With the Opinions, Ningbo aims to promote the harmonious development of the migrant workers with the enterprises, the industries, and the society.

The main contents of the six systems in the Opinions are: to build a vocational training system that fits for the adjustment of industrial structure, to build the public service system that has a wide coverage, to build a perfect system for the protection of the rights and interests of the migrant workers, to form a multi channel housing security system, to build an efficient public security system, and to further improve the system that promotes the integration of society.

The Opinions also sets six targets in the work of service and administration of migrant workers in the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period

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