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NFTZ becomes an important functional zone

By means of intelligentized system of supply, purchase and distribution and by vigorously expanding sources of supplying core high value-added materials, Ningbo International Trade Ocean Shipping Supply CO., LTD has occupied 50% of Ningbo ocean shipping supply market. At present, it has become the only domestic supplier of the France Bourbon and ranked into the top-three list of service providers in ocean shipping.
The NFTZ has gathered many shipping service corporations like Ningbo International Trade Ocean Shipping Supply CO., LTD. The Zone is striving to improve the shipping service environment and trying to attract the leading shipping companies to invest there through deepening the shipping resources concentration and custom clearance service. Besides, NFTZ is exploring the high value-added modern shipping services and aiming to strengthen its comprehensive service ability.
The industry agglomeration of shipping logistics service is a prerequisite for Ningbo’s transformation from a transport port to a trade and logistics port. Relying on Ningbo Port Custom  Clearance Center, NFTZ has gathered 72 shipping service enterprises such as COSCO International Freight Co., Ltd., China Shipping Container Liners Co., Ltd., Ningbo Taiping International Trade Transportation Co., Ltd. and China United Tally Co., Ltd. These enterprises cover customs declaration, inspection declaration freight forwarders, shipping agency, tally and harbor engineering, and their services reach the whole Yangtze River Delta. From January to August this year, its agency value has topped 4 billion CNY and there emerged some shipping services enterprises each with annual revenue of over ten million CNY.
In NFTZ, the ship trading service business is in the ascendant. The Ningbo Ship Trading Co., Ltd in NFTZ is the first batch of seven ship sales and purchase service institutions which accord with Provisions on the Administration of Ship Sales and Purchase. This company has introduced modern transaction mode and can provide lots of services, such as information publishing, ship management, ship evaluation, ship brokerage, auction of ship and transaction and clearing. This year it has sold 59 ships with a volume of trade reaching 540 million CNY.
At present, NFTZ is vigorously exploring ship financial leasing and other high-end business for the purpose of building the pilot zone of modern ship service industry. “We will fully give play our prominent advantages of political function, industrial agglomeration and encouraging exploration to forge NFTZ into an important zone of marine economy and international giant port. ” said Ma Zhaoxiang, director of the Administrative Committee of NFTZ

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