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Modern service industry and advanced manufacturing developing side by side

While inspecting some enterprises in the service industry, Wang Huizhong, member of Zhejiang Provincial Standing Committee and Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, emphasizes that the enterprises should seize the unique opportunity of the flourishing development of the marine economy, and make full use of the advantages of the opening-up port and private economy. Promoting the faster development of service industry and thus making it develop side by side with the advanced manufacturing can give an impetus to the "six quickening" strategy and provide a strong support for enterprise transformation and development.

On the afternoon of September 20, Secretary Wang Huizhong,accompnied by Vice-Mayor Chen Yijun and other related officials, visited  Ningbo International Logistics Development for detailed information about Ningbo E-port and operation of the fourth party logistics market. Secretary Wang said that modern logistics has a bright prospect for development, and by establishing the information-based E-business platform and the fourth party logistics service platform, the enterprises can reduce the cost and improve efficiency. He wished Ningbo International Logistics Development to go on with their innovation to build smart logistics and to make further contribution to make Ningbo an international port. Then Secretary Wang Huizhong and his delegation went to Sinotrans Zhejiang Co. Ltd. There he urged the company to seek for bigger development under the background of the developing marine economy, and play the leading role in the modern logistics industry.

The inspection group went on to visit Zhejiang Wide World Project Management and Consultation, Co. Ltd. Secretary Wang emphasized that in order to attract more high-level talents to start enterprises in Ningbo and encourage more enterprises home and abroad to set up their headquarters in Ningbo, it is important to create the market environment of fair competition and a more vigorous environment for developing.

Secretary Wang Huizhong pointed out when conducting the inspection, that modern service industry and advanced manufacturing are the two engines for the transformation of Ningbo economy. To accelerate its development as a city strong in service economy, Ningbo must improve the traditional service industry and at the same time foster the emerging high-end service industry. At the critical moment of establishing the pilot zone for marine economy, Ningbo should promote cooperation between enterprises and develop headquarter economy by attracting more large enterprises home and abroad to establish their headquarters, regional or functional, in Ningbo. Only in this way can the service industry demonstrate its scale effect and model effect. Relying on the advantages of industry, enterprises and markets, the service industry should promote its linkage development and focus on enhancing its internationalization level. The government should provide larger support in policies for the service industry and strengthen the social security for talents, and thus establish the most competitive environment for the development of service industry

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