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Integrated urban and rural social security system established in Ningbo

On the morning of July 4, the popularity week of the Law of Social Security initiated on the Zhongshan Square. In the initiating ceremony it is learned that with the efforts in the past years, the social security coverage has gradually extended, the remuneration has risen on the yearly base, and the social security system has basically been established. At present, the number of people covered by the five insurances reaches 15,819,000.

It is learned that as early as 1986, Ningbo started the reform of the social security system, and it, before other cities, carried out experiment in combining the social integration and the personal account. With the efforts made in the past 25 years, the social security system has been improving, and a social security system characteristic of "all-covering, basic allowance secured, multiple level and sustainability" has been basically established. For this work, Ningbo is in the lead of Zhejiang, and even the country.

By the end of 2010, the number of people under the basic endowment insurance premiums for employees, and the that of the people under the social retirement insurance system for urban and rural citizens reach 3,835,000 and 1,100,000. The number of people under the basic medicare insurance for employees, and that of people under the medical insurance system for the urban residents reach 3,875,000 and 750,000. The people under the unemployment insurance, the work-related injury insurance, and maternity insurance reach 1,863,000, 2,381,000 and 2,015,000.

In recent years, Ningbo also strengthened the social security for the migrant workers. In order that the social security of the migrant workers can be effective through the country, Ningbo has improved the old-age and medical insurances for the migrant workers, so that they are effective over the country. Ningbo also has raised the remuneration of the insurances for the migrant workers. Those retired migrant workers according related rules of Ningbo will enjoy the same retirement insurance. From May 1 this year, all the 2,800,000 people in the whole of Ningbo under the employees' medical insurance began to enjoy the same treatment.

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