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Human resources service program welcomed by enterprises

Recently, a supply-demand matching meeting for human resources service program was held in the bonded zone of Ningbo, and eight agreements for services program were signed and another 78 programs reached the intention of signing agreement.

In the meeting, human resources service agencies from other places brought with them some new service programs absent from the local agencies, which aroused great interest of the local enterprises. Shanghai Blue and White Law Office, for example, promised to offer personnel risk prevention and control program, which aims to dispel the possibility of damages to the enterprises by employees by means of eliminating the enterprises' deficiency in business management and business system from the legal point of view. Altogether over 20 enterprises reached the intention of signing agreements with the Law Office. The Chinese professional credit public management platform introduced by Golden Future Information Technology Company from Shenzhen makes it possible for member enterprises to record their employees' credits on the platform and consult the credit of their potential employees. This new program attracted great attention from a number of enterprises present in the meeting.

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