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Hong Kong Enterprises in Ningbo total 5500

The press conference of 2011 Ningbo - Hong Kong forum on economic cooperation and on talents policy and planning was held on October 24th at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Vice mayor Wang Renzhou of  Ningbo gave presentations on the development of Ningbo’s economy and society, Ningbo’s objectives during the 12th Five Year Plan and the prospective of Ningbo - Hong Kong cooperation. Leaders from Overseas Ningbo Affairs Office made a presentation on the Ningbo - Hong Kong forum on economic cooperation. And leaders of Ningbo Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security presented the talents policy and program.
It is learned that since its initiation the Forum has so vastly promoted the economic development of Hong Kong and Ningbo that the bilateral trade amount reaches 2.36billion US dollars. Till the end of this September, there are more than 5500 Hong Kong Enterprises in Ningbo and Hong Kong fund utilized in Ningbo accumulates to 12.2 billion US dollars. And there are 211 Ningbo enterprises in Hong Kong with a total investment amount of 1.14billion US dollars. Seven enterprises have made their initial public offerings.
It is learned that the 2011 Ningbo - Hong Kong forum includes its opening ceremony and 10th anniversary, main forum and special forums, etc.
According to the leaders from the Ningbo Administration of Human Resources and Social Security, Ningbo has made the “3315” Plan, by which it is hoped that by 2020, Ningbo will have 30 people in the National Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 300 in the provincial-level Recruitment Program and 1000 in the municipal-level Recruitment Program. Ningbo government will offer a new innovation fund of 1million Yuan for those in the Municipal Recruitment Program and an extra fund for those in the National and Provincial Recruitment Program. Team members of these experts can get a maximum fund of 1million Yuan. At the same time, Ningbo government will set a special fund of 100 million Yuan to recruit globally about 5 high-end innovation teams.

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