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Beilun Put in Place an integrated system of basic living cost allowance

To improve the social relief level, the Beilun government decided to integrate the basic living cost allowance systems of urban and rural areas. According to the new policy, the basic living cost allowance for both rural and urban residents will stand at 525 yuan per month (previously that of rural residents was 355 yuan per month). Thus, it bids farewell to the dualism of the basic allowance system for rural and urban residents.

Other differentiated standards for urban and rural residents will be unified, too, such as the examination criteria for applications of the basic allowance, the allowance for housing, and pricing, and aid for disabled families, subsistence allowances for jobless people and condolence money on festivals, etc. Meanwhile, the allowance for aged people in rural areas and the allowance for single-child families in rural areas will be canceled.

It is known that since 1997, the government has raised the basic living allowance standards for nine times. In addition, from this year on, the educational aid for college students of poor families will increase from 5000 yuan per year to 9000 yuan per year.

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