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Jiangbei District Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Internet Platform Released

How to use 5G technology to empower the high-quality development of regional manufacturing? A few days ago, Jiangbei District Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Internet Platform and Full 5G Future Factory Achievement Release Conference was held. Industrial Internet digital service providers such as Jietron Technology, Keli Sensing, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei (Zhejiang) Internet of Things Cloud, etc., and Ecodi, Jintian Representatives of key manufacturing enterprises in Jiangbei District gathered together to discuss new achievements in the development of 5G+ industrial Internet and seek new trends in the development of digital economy in the new era.

The industrial Internet platform for small and medium enterprises in Jiangbei District was launched on the same day. The platform was jointly created by Ningbo Mobile, Ningbo Jiechuang Technology, and China Mobile (Shanghai) Industrial Research Institute. An important support for accelerating the digital transformation of regional manufacturing and promoting the high-quality development of Jiangbei's manufacturing industry. Through this platform, small and medium-sized enterprises can obtain various informatization-beneficial enterprise services, which can effectively improve the total factor productivity of small and medium-sized enterprises and accelerate the realization of digital transformation and upgrading.

Ningbo Mobile and Ningbo Jiechuang Technology and China Mobile (Shanghai) Industrial Research Institute, Turing, Alibaba, Huawei, Detacent and other five major ecological partners jointly established the "Jiangbei District Digital Economy Service Alliance", aiming to aggregate key points The strength of manufacturing enterprises continues to grow bigger and create a win-win "ecological circle". At the same time, Ningbo Mobile signed a 5G+ Industrial Internet strategic cooperation agreement with Keli Sensing, and will work together to create a digital ecosystem of Jiangbei Industrial Internet.

"With the in-depth integration of a new generation of information technology and the real economy, the new application model of 5G+ Industrial Internet has become an important driving force for the restructuring of the new pattern of manufacturing and a green engine for seizing the commanding heights of competition." The relevant person in charge of the Jiangbei District Government said, promoting The deep integration of 5G + Industrial Internet is of great significance for promoting the high-quality development of the real economy and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

In recent years, Jiangbei has given full play to its location advantages, talent advantages, capital advantages, and industrial advantages, actively embraces the digital age, and strives to build a pioneering area for the development of the province’s digital economy. It has successively introduced and cultivated the Alibaba Cloud Ningbo Industrial Internet Center and Huawei (Zhejiang) Internet of Things. Key industrial Internet platforms such as Innovation Center and Jiechuang 5G+MOM digital platform.

In Jiangbei, a number of leading manufacturing companies have accelerated their digital transformation. Ecodi, Jintian, Samsung, Consinee and others have successfully built digital factories using 5G technology. The country's first "5G+Smart Factory" model project and the first 5G industrial-grade smart gateway have landed in Jiangbei, adding impetus to the continuous promotion of the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry

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