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Beilun activates the driving force of innovation and entrepreneurship

Since being selected as the third batch of national demonstration base for mass innovation and entrepreneurship, Beilun District has focused on "integrated innovation", promoted the linkage and coordination of "industrial chain, supply chain, and innovation chain", improved the ecology, stimulated vitality, and built Pilot Demonstration Zone of " coordination and integration of industrial chain and innovation" ". "Focusing on competitive industries, we coordinated the layout of industrial innovation complexes and innovative service platforms, and made every effort to build an innovation system with enterprises as the main body, open collaboration, and close integration of production, education and research. We will gradually build a Beilun model. " The main leader of Beilun District said.

Accurately implement policies to promote collaborative innovation between large and small enterprises. The zone will build 4 provincial-level industrial chain communities, including green petrochemicals and integrated circuits, and 10 municipal-level industrial chain

communities, led by leading enterprises in the industrial chain or leading enterprises in key links, and unite upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, horizontal similar enterprises, research institutes, colleges and universities, optimize the division of labor and collaboration among industrial chain enterprises, and improve industrial innovation capabilities, industrial chain leading capabilities, unblocked supply chain capabilities, and market expansion capabilities. In the past three years, the average number of industry-university-research cooperation projects among large and medium-sized enterprises in the area has reached 185, and the average annual value of industry-university-research cooperation is RMB 295 million.

Digitalization empowers the employment and common prosperity. As the first batch of pilot areas in the province's high-quality development and construction of a common prosperity demonstration zone, Beilun uses digital reform as a means and industrial communities as the basic unit to promote high-quality employment services. The district has established 15 industrial community party committees and administers 865 enterprise party organizations. It serves nearly 6,000 industrial enterprises and 300,000 industrial workers around the entire life cycle of the enterprise. Relying on the "Zhejiang Employment" public service module, the district focuses on improving the digital employment service scene and promoting "precise employment" for key groups.

Youth Beilun stimulates the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship. Beilun is deeply advancing the construction of "Youth Beilun", stimulating young people’s vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship, and vigorously building an ideal city for youth. The district has formulated a series of inclusive youth policies, covering youth housing credit, entrepreneurship and innovation, and life security. Statistics show that in the past two years, the number of permanent youth population in Beilun District has increased by 58,700, and the proportion of youth population has increased by 3.84%

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