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Cixi listed in top 100 small and medium cities

According to the newly released 2011 Report on Development of Small and Medium-sized Cities in China, Cixi ranks No. 9 among the top 100 Chinese small and medium cities with scientific development, the only city in Zhejiang province ranking among the top ten.

In recent years, with the development of neo-urbanization, Cixi has made breakthroughs in transformation and upgrading of industries, city development, ecological civilization development, entrepreneurship and innovation and improvement of people's livelihood. All in all, it has become a model of county urbanization.

It is said that since 2005, China Medium and Small City Economic Development Committee of China Society of Urban Economy has organized a project group, together with some related organizations such as the Institute of Urban Development and Environment Study, Chinese Academy of Social Science. The listed cities are assessed in terms of the level of scientific development, the construction of the two-oriented society, the investment potential and the regional driving force. The focus is to see whether the economy, society and environment develop harmoniously and whether the people benefit from the development and thus feel satisfied.

In addition, Cixi ranks No. 5 among the top ten two-oriented (resource-conserving and environment-friendly) small and medium cities of China 2011, and No. 9 among the top 100 small and medium-sized cities with strongest investment potential.

Ninghai to Hold International Hiking Festival

Ningbo is to hold the first international hiking festival, following its successfully bid for setting May 19 as the China Travel Day.
The activity was initiated by the Southeast Business Paper and related departments of Ninghai. It is to be held on September 25 in Ninghai. By then, the organizing committee will invite some 30 outdoor sports clubs to drill on the very day. After that, all leaders of clubs and teams will take part in a meeting.
The news of holding a hiking festival has been welcomed by hikers. Many people, professionals and amateurs alike, have signed in. By the end of last weekend, 16 clubs and teams have signed in. The deadline for enrollment is set at September 16.

Beilun Invests Hugely in Low-carbon Navigation

Recently, 13 navigation companies and 2 port logistics enterprises in Beilun received 29,190,000 Yuan from the government for technical innovation, which injects vitality to the forging of low-carbon water transportation business.
Confronted with fierce competitions and increasingly rising price of fuel and transportation costs, the Beilun waterborne enterprises turn to energy-efficient and low-carbon navigation by replacing small ships with larger ones and old ones with new ones.
It is said that such adjustments can save more than 27% fuel per ton during a unit time. In the first half of the year, oil consumption of Beilun waterborne enterprises is 37952.6 tons, 2213.8 tons lower than that of the last year.
“By offering the special capital for transforming and supporting technology, we are devoted to building low-carbon, large-scale and intensive navigation”, said Chen Yonghai from the Beilun port and navigation administration. “We are accelerating to replace the old ships with large tonnage ones that meet the standard and are environmental-friendly so as to create a large, unique and new water transportation business.”
The statistics has that until June of this year, there are 19 registered waterborne enterprises and 42 water service companies in Beilun, with 40 transportation ships and transportation capacity of 8,920,000tons.

First China Marine Economy Investment Fair to Be Held in Ningbo in November

China’s first marine economy investment fair is scheduled to open in Ningbo from November 10th to 12th. This is another big event after Zhejiang was designated as a national demo zone of marine economy. 
This fair, with the theme of “scientific usage of blue territory and quick upgrading” is cosponsored by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province and SOA. On the agenda there are activities of image promotions, exhibitions, contract signing ceremonies, forums, job fairs, etc. It is aimed to gather resources abroad and home for developing marine economy and build a comprehensive platform for cooperation, exchange and investment. It is also expected that the fair can promote the development of national and Zhejiang’s marine economy.
It is learned that the Fair will place its main venue at the Ningbo international conference and exhibition center and other sub venues at Zhejiang, Shandong, and Guangdong. Promotions and trade talks will be held at Ningbo Shangri La Hotel where a large number of major projects will be signed. In addition, a talent fair will be held, aiming to recruit talents from higher institutions and corporations from around the province. Also, some academicians and experts will be invited to offer counseling services to related companies. Concurrently, the 2011 China’s marine economy summit will be held in Shipu, Xiangshan County.
Sources say that the Fair is an important platform for Zhejiang to advance marine economy staged by the provincial government as a move to implement the national strategy of developing marine economy. Ningbo will spare no efforts to make it successful, says an official.
In fact, in building the demo area of marine economy, Zhejiang has made ambitious plans: to establish an international bulk-stock logistics center, a demo zone of island exploration, a demo zone of marine industrial development, as well as demo zones of land-sea coordinated development, good oceanic ecology and clean energy. The recently established Ningbo bulk-commodity exchange center is a case in point in the blueprint for marine economy.

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