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Ningbo Trade Union helping poverty-stricken workers

For the New Year and the Spring Festival, the trade unions of various levels of Ningbo will raise funds of 25 million yuan to help the 30,000 families of poverty-stricken local workers and migrant workers. The other day, at the meeting celebrating the 20th anniversary of the “helping the poor” program, Ningbo Trade Union started the program for the coming festivals. It is reported that the program will have the following activities:

presenting newspapers, aiding the workers of special jobs, helping the workers of serious diseases, aiding the students of poor families, inviting poor people to festival dinners, and giving free trip for migrant workers going home.

From December 23 to the eve of the Spring Festival, Zhejiang Trade Union and Ningbo General Trade Union will organize visits to enterprises and workers in difficulty. According to the plan, 10 teams will be dispatched to visit small and minor enterprises in difficulty, the poverty-stricken workers, the model workers and various people in need. Consolation money and gifts will be given to all the workers in poverty.

From January 12 to 13, Ningbo General Trade Union and Ningbo Branch of ICBC will carry out the program of “free air trip for migrant workers to go home”, and 400 model migrant workers from Shaanxi, Sichuan, Hunan and Guizhou will be given free air trip for their home towns

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