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Ningbo to implement further inheritance of Song Dynasty culture

The cultural work conference of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee proposed to cultivate a new business form of culture and tourism, build and promote tourism with culture, and further implement the cultivation project of Ningbo’s iconic IPs and “golden name cards” of culture and tourism, by focusing on the construction of the boutique line of the Grand Canal Poetry Road and the red tourism demonstration belt, and the creation of a number of cultural and tourism boutiques such as core scenic spots and ancient towns with large investments, and towns and villages with high quality. It will vigorously expand such new patterns of cultural tourism as research tourism, industrial tourism, evening tourism, marine tourism, sports and leisure tourism, and TCM health tourism, and brighten the city tourism brand of “viewing the sea along the canal, traveling to the city of books”, in an effort to make Ningbo a demonstration city of national culture and tourism consumption, and an important cultural tourism destination in Asia.

It is also proposed at the meeting that the inheritance project of Song Dynasty style culture will be further implemented by exploring such existing cultural communities as the stone carvings of the Southern Song Dynasty and the Baokui Lane, building the “Song Dynasty

style cultural and tourist belt” along the Cihu Lake, the Moonlake and the Dongqian Lake, and creating the main axis and large circle of the Song Dynasty style culture of Ningbo

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