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Ningbo Cultural Market Development Association founded

On the morning of July 22, Ningbo Cultural Market Development Association was founded. On the same day, the Internet Bar Branch of the Association was founded. Tian Yuyuan, vice director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Hua Changhui, vice chairman of Ningbo People's Political Consultative Conference attended the inaugural meeting and the first representative conference of the Association.

At present, Ningbo has 9,000 cultural businesses, and it has formed a complete, rationally structured market system that comprises such businesses as show, entertainment, audio and video, movie, artistic works, internet, publication and cultural relics. At present, the city has over 20 cultural trade associations of various kind. Ningbo Cultural Market Development Association aims to integrate existing associations, promote and coordinate the exchanges of the associations, and promote the harmonious and scientific development of the cultural associations of the city.

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