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The Ninth Collegiate Culture Art Festival held

Ningbo’s Ninth Collegiate Culture Art Festival was held at the Ningbo University on the afternoon of April, 14. The festival also marked the beginning of the series of activities for “Ningbo Entrepreneurs Visiting Campus”. 
During the festival, colleges and universities in Ningbo will unfold a variety of theme activities.
The serial activities of “Ningbo Entrepreneurs Visiting Campus” are considered an important carrier of the culture art festival. And the stop at Ningbo University was themed at dialogue between students and Ningbo merchants overseas. Many successful entrepreneurs were invited to meet the students, including Xin Yuanfu, managing director of Wing Ching Industrial (China-HK) Ltd and chairman of Ningbo & Hong Kong Fraternity Association, Jiang Xinghao, chairman of Hong Kong Jiangxing International Investment Company and also vice-chairman of Ningbo & Hong Kong Fraternity Association. Dai Guangzhong, director of the Research Institute of Ningbo Merchants Overseas, and Li Qihan, CEO of Scokow Technology in Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone were also invited to attend the seminar.
In addition, a large-scale on-campus job fair was also held in Ningbo University that day

Ningbo to build a tea culture park

According to Ningbo Municipal Afforestation Administration, Ningbo is planning to build a tea culture park on the tea plantation on the Fuquan Mountain in the scenic area of Dongqian Lake.

Ningbo has a long history in tea. In the Tang and Song dynasties, Ningbo was the starting point of the Tea Road on the Sea, where the tea culture was transmitted to eastern Asian countries. However, Ningbo does not have a place to display its tea culture.

According to the plan, the tea culture park of Ningbo shall be a place of interest and a cultural project as well, with such functions as tea production, R&D of tea technology, tea brand promotion and display of tea culture. To be specific, the park of tea culture should be a national-level demonstrative tea plantation, a national-level base of tea breed resource, a production area of the tea branded "Mingzhou Xianming", an important tourist resort in east Zhejiang and a science popularity and education base.

The total investment of the park will be about 100 million yuan. The initial projects for this program will be Ningbo Tea Museum, Exhibition Center of Teas, Ningbo Tea Research Institute, and the packing center of Mingzhou Xianming tea


News Report about the Lecture at Shangri-La Hotel

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宁波日报网讯  上世纪四十年代,在上海,一个宁波女孩与一个犹太难民之间发生了一段“令人难以置信的罗曼史”,来自德国的专栏作家施台凡·舒曼把这条“大黄鱼”写成了一 本书:最后的避难地——上海。昨天晚上,在灵桥边上的香格里拉大酒店,来自德国的专栏作家施台凡·舒曼给前来捧场的各国朋友讲述了这个宁波女人的被他称为 是的跨国爱情故事,以及关于本书的一些细节。


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Tiantong Temple, Ningbo

By James Baquet

    THE morning after my return from Putuoshan Island, my friends and I headed out by private car. We traveled west from Beilun, toward central Ningbo, but then turned south into some of Zhejiang’s wild mountains to find Tiantong Temple, the “Temple of the Heavenly Child.”

    Founded in the year 300, Tiantong is a huge complex, with dozens of ochre-colored plaster and red-painted wood buildings marching up the mountainside. It is also a major destination for pilgrims, especially those from Japan.

    That’s because around 1225, a Japanese monk named Dogen Zenji arrived here, and ended up studying with the great monk Rujing of the Caodong sect of Chan (Zen). Two and a half years later, Dogen returned to Japan and founded the Soto Zen sect (“Soto” is the Japanese pronunciation of “Caodong”), which today claims millions of followers in Japan and throughout the world.

    Aside from the main compound, the temple has two “tayuan,” or “pagoda compounds,” located on another part of the mountainside in lush bamboo forests. One of these evocative cemeteries contains the remains of Rujing himself. We had a hard time finding the compound, and ended up having our driver take us up to it in the car.

    As with all mountain temples, Tiantong Temple is a bit hard to reach. If you’re not fortunate enough to have a friend who hires you a car, try going to Ningbo’s East Bus Station and taking bus 362-3 for Tiantong Temple stop.

2012-January-30  08:53    Shenzhen Daily

Inheriting "Hongbang tailor" culture and spirit

"By taking the course on 'Hongbang tailor' culture, I have got a deep insight into the history of 'Hongbang tailor' dress-making and are greatly encouraged by its spirit. Especially I have come to understand some basic principles such as how to learn, how to live a life and how to do things." said Zheng Fang, a garment major from Zhejiang Textile & Fashion College.

Since the beginning of 2010, the college officially opened the courses on Hongbang tailor culture, lecturing to students the spirit and essence of the culture.

In Zhejiang Textile & Fashion College, the "Hongbang tailor" atmosphere is everywhere. There are Hongbang culture society, Hongbang culture exhibition hall, Hongbang dress shops and Hongbang street. Besides, the underground corridor connecting the teaching area and living area is rearranged as Hongbang culture exhibiting area, so that the students can feel the charm of the  Hongbang culture at ease.       

The Hongbang culture festival, held three times a year, is a good occasion to promote the Hongbang spirit and develop campus culture, through a series of activities such as crafts and skills contest, business plan competition, credit experiencing activity and idea collecting activity.

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