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Special board opens for SMEs in Ningbo

Good news comes for the small and medium-sized enterprises, as the new force for high-quality economic development in Ningbo. On the afternoon of September 19, at the Ningbo Stock Exchange Center, the special board for SRDI SMEs was officially opened, with the first 108 SRDI enterprises listed on the board.

It is understood that the special board is jointly guided by Ningbo Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Bureau, and the Ningbo Regulatory Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and operated by Ningbo Stock Exchange Center.

In June of this year, Ningbo was successfully shortlisted for the first batch of special board (for SRDI SMEs) construction plans announced by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

After the official opening of the special board, Ningbo will improve the innovation and supply of regional equity market systems to high standards, integrate government and market resources, and enhance comprehensive financial services and the ability to cultivate listing standards. It will provide high-level services to SRDI small and medium-sized enterprises, operate the “multi-layer specialized board” mechanism with high quality, deepen organic connections with national stock exchanges, and promote the improvement of the regional equity market ecosystem, providing the “Ningbo experience” for the innovative pilot of national regional equity markets.

According to the overall goal, by 2025, the special board will basically cover the high-quality SMEs in the city that meet the conditions for entering the board and have the intention to go public. By the end of 2027, there will be over 500 enterprises on the special board, and over 200 enterprises will be approved as national SRDI “little giant” enterprises, leading to a financing of over 20 billion yuan for enterprises concerned.

In 2021, under the guidance and support of China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ningbo was successfully approved as one of the first to carry out the innovative pilot projects for regional equity markets. Ningbo Stock Exchange Center was successfully selected as the “national public service demonstration platform for SMEs” and the demonstration platform for serving SRDI “little giant” enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. At present, Ningbo Stock Exchange Center has successfully cultivated 17 companies to go public, 67 companies to be listed on the New Third Board, and 79 companies have entered the stage of IPO guidance and application. There are now 1,394 SRDI enterprises at all levels, as well as 538 pre-IPO enterprises

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