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Ningbo Airport Released Summer "Report card"

with a Number of Data Hitting a Record High

On August 31, the 62-day summer season officially ended. Yesterday, Ningbo Lishe International Airport released the "report card" of the summer festival. This year's summer vacation student flow, tourism flow, family visit flow superimposed superimposed on a number of data Ningbo Airport reached a record high.

According to statistics, during the summer festival, Ningbo Airport transported 2.548 million passengers, took off and landed 19,000 flights,

and guaranteed cargo and mail throughput of 26,600 tons, an increase of 19.5%, 26.5% and 77.3% respectively over the same period in 2019, all of which reached a record high since the opening of aviation.

In terms of domestic routes, Ningbo's air transport is mainly based on tourism, business and students. Popular domestic destinations are mainly concentrated in areas with high flight density such as Guiyang, Guangzhou and Chongqing, as well as popular business travel cities such as Chengdu, Shenzhen and Kunming. At the same time, Ningbo Airport encrypts key routes such as Nanning, Kunming and Zhuhai, and adds niche boutique routes such as Shihezi, Hailar and Baotou, and carefully lays out the route network to meet the market demand during the summer peak season.

In terms of international routes, the top three international (regional) destinations are Hong Kong, Bangkok, Thailand, and Tokyo, Japan, with an average load factor of over 89%. In addition, Ningbo Airport has continuously added international passenger routes between Kalibo in the Philippines, Nha Trang in Vietnam, Osaka in Japan and Fukuoka in Japan, and encrypt the route between Ningbo and Budapest in Hungary. At present, Ningbo Airport has 12 international (regional) passenger navigation points.

During the summer season, the special service of unaccompanied children at Ningbo Airport was fully upgraded, with a total of 6,159 unaccompanied child passengers picking up and leaving the port; Launched a reservation service for special passengers such as the elderly and the disabled, guaranteeing a total of 1,156 special passengers entering and leaving Hong Kong; Set up the "Sunshine Group Customization" service for group travelers, serving more than 7,200 group passengers

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