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Ningbo implements bonded LNG injection for international ships

Recently, the General Office of Ningbo Municipal Government issued the “Measures for the Administration of Bonded LNG Injection Pilot for International Navigation Ships in Ningbo Area of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone”. This is an exploration for Ningbo to implement the “Regulations of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone”, carry out the pilot work of bonded liquefied natural gas (LNG) injection for international ships, and accelerate the development of injection business, which is of great significance for Ningbo to build an oil and gas resource allocation center with international influence.

It is a pilot operation to provide bonded LNG injection for international ships within the sea area of Ningbo. The administrative measures are applicable to enterprises registered in Beilun District, Ningbo and engaged in the bonded LNG injection business for international ships.

In the specific operation, the Management Committee of Ningbo area will be responsible for the overall coordination

of the pilot work, and take the lead in organizing the relevant functional departments such as Ningbo Transportation Bureau, Ningbo Customs, Ningbo Maritime Bureau, and Ningbo Frontier Inspection Station to establish a joint working mechanism for consultation and review of major issues, emergency response, and work safety supervision.

An enterprise applying for the pilot shall submit five written materials to the Management Committee of the Ningbo area of Zhejiang Free Trade Zone: the enterprise application report and the copy of the business license; the leasing contract with a lease term of no less than one year if an enterprise holds relevant certificates for injection ships or leases ships for the injection business,; the ownership and security documents of the bonded LNG warehouse, loading and unloading dock and their supporting facilities that meet the requirements of the customs, ecological environment, transportation and other departments, and the relevant qualification documents that meet the requirements of the border inspection for the permission to board foreign ships; a bonded LNG injection business plan that specifies the purchase channels, warehousing logistics, delivery methods, target markets and major customers for the supply of bonded LNG marine fuel; safety guarantee measures, safety and pollution prevention management system documents for LNG injection operation.

Upon receiving the written application, the Administrative Committee will jointly review it with Ningbo Development and Reform Commission, Ningbo Transportation Bureau, Ningbo Bureau of Commerce, Ningbo Energy Bureau, Ningbo Customs, Ningbo Maritime Bureau, Ningbo Border Inspection Station and other departments. After the joint review, the Administrative Committee will approve the pilot project in accordance with the principle of “total amount control and steady progress”.

As for the division of specific jurisdiction, the administrative measures propose that the Administrative Committee is responsible for the management of the operation qualification of pilot enterprises. The municipal Transportation Bureau is responsible for the filing, supervision and management of port service industry of pilot enterprises for injection, Ningbo Customs is responsible for the bonded management of LNG and the approval of bonded injection business, Ningbo Maritime Bureau is responsible for the safety supervision and management of water LNG injection operations, and Ningbo Border Inspection Station is responsible for the approval of administrative licensing for the operation of relying on foreign ships in the LNG injection. Ningbo Market Supervision Bureau, Ningbo Ecological Environment Bureau, Ningbo Emergency Management Bureau, and Ningbo Fire Brigade shall coordinate with each other to manage the pilot injection according to their respective responsibilities

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