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Foreign trade remains a two-way win-win

As we all know, July and August are the holiday season for Europeans. For many of them, sunshine, blue sea, and sandy beaches will be their favorite holiday destination. It is not only a reward for themselves, but also to refresh themselves for the next step. So, no business!

However, as the epidemic continues, it is urgent for foreign trade companies to stabilize their orders. Despite all the difficulties, Ningbo  launched the country's first business round-trip charter flight to expand the market. In this regard, there were some different voices: It's the holiday season now. Foreigners might have gone on vacation, and customers may not be available; since there is no exhibition in Europe, their visit might be in vain; we might as well wait and see.

Despite all these voice, Wei Guowen responded with practical actions.

"It is high time we should take some actions!" Wei Guowen said, as an industry and trade enterprise focusing on the development and production of children's educational toys, PAULINDA had already gained reputation in Europe before the epidemic. More than 60% of its products are exported to the European market. In her opinion, the so-called export is never a one-way matter, but a two-way journey with customers, which is a "win-win" situation between high-quality products and the best market.

Therefore, since the epidemic has separated each other for more than two years, both companies and customers need this reunion to achieve accurate customer acquisition and rapid order fulfillment.

"We contacted a total of 11 customers before we set off. Every customer was overjoyed when they heard that we could make the trip. They all expressed their willingness to give up a day or two of vacation time to meet their old Chinese friends." Wei Guowen said, "Take Steve in the video as an example. He heard that we were coming, and immediately informed the relevant staff of the company to cancel the vacation according to the itinerary. He also booked the best hotel in the local area for us and pay for all the expenses. "

To a certain extent, there is a "mutual expectation" relationship between Paulinda and European customers, which is a microcosm of the current relationship between China and the world. During the pandemic when the economic globalization is encountering adverse currents, responsible cities need to stand up and play a role. A city celebrated for its openness also needs to enrich itself and expand the foundation of win-win through continuous opening up

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