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18 Ningbo enterprises listed as national manufacturing champions

On November 15, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ended the publicity of the sixth batch of national manufacturing individual champions. A total of 118 individual champion demonstration enterprises and 141 individual champion products were selected in this batch. Among the 259 national manufacturing individual champions, 18 are from Ningbo. With the previous 45 national manufacturing individual champions, the total number of such enterprises in Ningbo has reached 63, ranking first in China for four consecutive years.
From the data, Ningbo is a well-deserved single champion city. In recent years, there have been 35 national manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprises, ranking Ningbo the first in China. A total of 28 national individual champion products were selected, ranking second in China. In terms of growth rate, the number of the new batch of national manufacturing individual champions in Ningbo increased by 40% over the previous batch.
The number of individual champions can remain in the forefront of the country, which is inseparable from Ningbo's solid industrial foundation and good port advantages.
Ningbo's manufacturing industry has a complete range of categories, and the survival of the fittest for a long time makes Ningbo manufacturing enterprises have to focus on specialization and excellence, to realize the continuous rise of market share through continuous innovation. According to the analysis data of 384 manufacturing individual champions and cultivation enterprises by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, 110 enterprises have the largest market share of leading products in the world, accounting for 28.65%of the total. 262 enterprises have the largest market share in China, accounting for 68.23%. Most enterprises have long

been the real champions in the segmentation fields.
Meanwhile, based on the port advantages of Ningbo, the local enterprises have continued to accelerate the extension to the middle and high-end of the industrial chain by accelerating the pace of opening up and cooperation, so as to make the  content of the champion more convincing. Data show that the total export volume of 384 enterprises reached 121.716 billion yuan last year, accounting for 36.59% of the total export volume of large industrial enterprises above the designated size in the city, and increased by 17.7 percentage points over the past four years.
The listed enterprises in Ningbo are all leading ones in their own fields, like the Shunyu Optics, Weco Optoelectronics, Techmation, Jinlang Technology, Ningbo Water Meter, Huashuo Technology, Ningbo Peiyuan, Dooya Tubular Motor, Donly, Xuelong Group, SNHTA, Ningbo WTOO, Lisi Group, Ningbo Supreme, Dafa Chemical Fiber, Chenagzhen Copper, Ningbo Color Master Batch, and ZPJE.
"It's only the first step to develop more manufacturing champions. Ningbo is making efforts to connect more high-quality enterprises to gradually form an industrial chain with Ningbo characteristics by encouraging enterprises to conduct research, development and innovations, and to build Ningbo a city of manufacturing champions, thus achieving the transformation from a big manufacturing city to a powerful manufacturing city." said a person in charge from Ningbo Bureau of Economy and Information Technology

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