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SF East China Innovation Industry Headquarters Base Settled in Haishu

Yesterday morning, SF East China Innovation Industry Headquarters Base laid the foundation in Haishu, focusing on building a new industry development platform with "smart technology + aviation multimodal transport + cross-border e-commerce + cold chain base" as its core competitiveness, and creating a new "smart logistics" business card.

It is reported that the base is located in Gulin Town, with a total area of about 136 acres, with Jishigang River in the east, Guanglin Road in the west, Yinxian Avenue in the south, and Qiantang River in the north. The total construction area is 110,000 square meters. The total planned investment is Over 1 billion yuan, with "smart" and "innovation" as the themes, is an important layout of SF Group's overall strategy based on supply chain technological innovation and smart logistics development.

SF Express, which has been rooted in the ancient forest for more than 10 years, has a deep affection for Haishu. "Haishu has a good location advantage, gathering airports, high-speed rails, postal ports, etc., and convenient transportation. The district committee and district government attaches great importance to the development of smart

logistics and has given us a lot of help. Last year, SF Express achieved output value in Gulin. 2.787 billion yuan.” said Chen Bin, vice president of SF East China Innovation Industrial Park.

Digital empowerment sets sail again. The SF East China Innovative Industry Headquarters Base, which is under construction this time, plans to build five functional modules: intelligent manufacturing equipment R&D headquarters, cross-border e-commerce operation service center, aviation multi-modal transshipment center, cold chain logistics headquarters, and shared service center. After completion, it will provide coverage Intelligent equipment research and development, intelligent logistics, big data, information technology and other whole-industry chain services make the project a window and link for carrying SF resources and services, contacting customers and markets, and communicating and cooperating with local governments.

It is expected that the project can be completed and put into operation by the end of 2023. Within 5 years after it is put into operation, it is expected to achieve the goal of double tens of billions of yuan in output value, directly and indirectly create 3,000 jobs, and create a highland for the development of a growth triangle innovation industry cluster

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