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Strategic emerging industries of Ningbo bloom

The first liquid helium-free magnetic resonance imaging system in China was born in Ningbo. China’s first space microscopic experiment instrument was manufactured by Yongxin Optics. The only new heat-forged titanium bronze material that can be red stamped in the world has been successfully developed and mass produced on Ninghai China-Ukraine High-end New Materials Platform.

Since the beginning of this year, a number of strategic emerging industrial projects with key technologies have been launched in Ningbo, becoming a new driving force for the high-quality economic development of the city. According to the municipal Development and Reform Commission, for the first half of the year, the city’s strategic emerging industries have achieved rapid growth, with the total output value and added value of large-scale industries reaching 295.6 billion yuan and 64.9 billion yuan respectively. Among them, the growth rates of new materials industry, health manufacturing industry and core digital economy manufacturing industry reached 35%, 30% and 30% respectively, leading to an average growth rate of more than15% over the past two years.

Cultivating strategic emerging industries is an important measure for Ningbo to seize opportunities in times of crisis and strive to build a new engine of high-quality development. In recent years, Ningbo has vigorously implemented the “tree planting project”, which has played a strong supporting role in the gathering of high-end talents and the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Ningbo.

With the support of many talents, a large number of major innovative achievements that can promote the industrial development have emerged one after another. Xingjian Aerospace has provided equipment support for the Tianhe Capsule. Vision Display has become the supplier of China’s first space launch mission using microcrystalline polarized 3D display technology. The project of “R&D and industrialization of key technologies of high-performance optical films for liquid crystal display” hosted by Jizhi Technology has won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Zhejiang Province. At the 2020 Zhejiang Science and Technology Awards Conference, 50 scientific and technological achievements in Ningbo won the awards, the best result of the city in recent years.

Thanks to the continuous strengthening of top-level design and the actively planned industrial development plan, Ningbo’s strategic emerging industries have bloomed in spite of the gloomy economic development trend. Since last year, the city has issued documents and policies to vigorously support the development of emerging industries in key areas. In the first half of the year, over 80 innovation platforms, enterprises or projects received about 190 million yuan as special funds for emerging industries.

In the future, based on the advantages of its industrial foundation, Ningbo will also give full play to the advantages of cluster development to support the high-quality development of emerging industries. According to a related person in charge from the municipal Development and Reform Commission, for the next step, the city will focus on such industries as the development of new materials, high-end equipment, electronic information, biomedicine, new-energy vehicles, and energy conservation and environmental protection, introduce a number of major projects in emerging industries, cultivate a number of leading enterprises, and accelerate the formation of new pillars of the industrial system. Meanwhile, Ningbo will attach great attention to such future industries as industrial Internet, third-generation semiconductors, advanced functional equipment, aerospace information, advanced cutting-edge materials, hydrogen energy and block chain, develop a number of gazelle enterprises with independent innovative technologies, and cultivate its competitive advantages in economic development in the future

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