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Ningbo high-tech enterprises will reach 8,000 in 2025

Innovation is the first driving force for high-quality development, and manufacturing innovation is the main engine.

Recently, the "Notice on the Implementation Plan for the Construction and Improvement of Zhejiang Manufacturing Innovation Center (2021-2025)" issued by Zhejiang Province stated that by 2025, Zhejiang will strive to create 2-3 national manufacturing innovation centers, and accumulatively build 30 provincial-level innovation centers, achieving full coverage of the ten iconic industrial chains and comprehensively improving the innovation capabilities of the manufacturing industry.

In recent years, Ningbo's innovation entities have continued to increase, and innovative enterprises have emerged in large numbers. According to statistics, from 2016 to 2020, Ningbo has cultivated an average of 2,000 innovative start-ups and 500 high-tech enterprises each year. By the end of 2020, Ningbo has 3102 effective high-tech enterprises, 1381 provincial high-growth high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises, 66 provincial-level crowd-entrepreneurship spaces, 32 national-level enterprise technology centers, and 12 national-level incubators.

Currently, Ningbo is vigorously promoting leading companies in various industries to build manufacturing innovation centers of different levels.

This year, Ningbo will deploy a municipal-level manufacturing innovation center in 12 subdivisions including functional film materials, semiconductor display materials, key components of high-end CNC machine tools, key components of industrial robots, and industrial operating systems. According to Ningbo's new material industry cluster development plan, Ningbo will strive to build a national-level manufacturing innovation center in Ningbo's new material industry by 2025

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