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Innovation boosts Yongjiang Sci-tech Innovation Center

In the central part of the city, within the core area, the innovation corridor has attracted nearly 30% of the academician workstations and postdoctoral workstations in the city, and more than 70% of the key talents; Ningbo Cultural and Creative Port, Ningbo Academician Center, Zhejiang Innovation Center and other major platforms have been established; Ningbo Research Institute of Northwestern Polytechnic University has completed the preparation, contract-signing and landing within seven months; Yongjiang Laboratory will soon be established with the first-class standards. In 2020, Yongjiang Science and Technology Innovation Corridor

accelerated its project construction, with an annual investment of 23.97 billion yuan. Innovation resources will continue to gather, innovation concentration will continue to improve, and innovation vitality will continue to burst out.
The core area of the corridor is 136 square kilometers large, most of which is for the  "built-up area", with only less than one fifth of the potential land available for future allocation, which makes it difficult to conduct the large-scale development of the area.
In addition, the corridor involves four administrative districts, including Jiangbei District, Zhenhai District, Beilun District and Yinzhou District, and two functional districts, including Ningbo National High-tech Zone and Dongqian Lake Tourist Resort. Then how to develop the area?
As an integrated area, the corridor should be planned and promoted systematically as a whole. Starting from the elements of innovation, the corridor area has decided to first "find out about itself", and then strengthen the "top-level design", so as to reorganize the scattered scientific and technological innovation resources. Over the past year, the development outline of the corridor has become very clear.
Intensive use of fragmented land helps to gradually release space potential. The development block of the two to five square kilometers helps to implant "science and innovation genes" into the city, and the 12 characteristic parks have taken shape to promote the organic renewal of the city. A number of "scientific and creative micro-cities" integrating the featured industries, supporting public facilities and living space functions have emerged, including Ningbo Cultural and Creative Port, Zhejiang Innovation Center, Ningbo Software Park, and Beilun Binjiang International Intellectual and Creative Park.
The supply side structural reform of land for investment projects is an innovative move to speed up the implementation of projects. Over the past year, the old grain depots, stations and factories have been transformed into fashionable and cutting-edge enterprise headquarters and homes for talents, at Ningbo Cultural and Creative Port along the north bank of the Yongjiang River.
The gathering of the talent and technological innovation elements has continuously promoted the rapid integration and development of science and technology and industries. "Our self-developed high-precision mounter is at the leading level in China. This year, the six-head placement machines will achieve the mass production capacity of 50 sets, and the finalization of the 10-head placement machine will be completed by the end of this year." said Xie Tianyi, project manager of Intelligent Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology.
The development of the corridor is the key to the successful development of the central area of Ningbo. The "big dream" of building a high-energy science and technology innovation platform is constantly illuminating the reality and drawing the blueprint of the future

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