The first batch of Inbound Exhibits Arrived in Ningbo

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Published: Tuesday, 01 June 2021 12:53

Polish beer, goose down blankets, Hungarian detergents and softeners, Bulgarian rose day cream, cleansing gel... At 8 o’clock yesterday morning, a batch of special products from Central and Eastern Europe took the Ningbo Airport’s first Central and Eastern Europe freight route "Ningbo". -The "Budapest" passenger-to-cargo flight arrived at Ningbo Lishe International Airport.

It is understood that this is the first batch of inbound exhibits of the 2nd China-CEEC Expo and International Consumer Goods Expo, totaling 873.3 kilograms. After Ningbo Airport Customs completes customs clearance, these exhibits will be shipped to Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center in the near future to wait for the opening of the Expo.

"At present, there are 7 exhibits directly from Budapest to Ningbo, mainly from Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and other places, mainly skin care products, food and

other daily consumer goods. Among them, Polish goose down quilts and goose down pillows are the first to come to Ningbo. Later. We also have about 9 batches of special exhibits from Central and Eastern Europe entering the country by air and express delivery." said Yuan Shenmiao, head of the exhibition project of Ningbo International Logistics Development Co., Ltd.

In order to ensure the smooth development of the Central and Eastern Europe Expo, Ningbo Airport Customs communicated with the exhibition organizer and exhibit entry declaration enterprises as soon as possible, preached customs clearance policies, grasped the dynamics of exhibits import and related requirements, and summarized the customs clearance guarantee experience of previous exhibition On the basis of this, a detailed customs clearance supervision plan was formulated in view of the many characteristics of the food and cosmetics in the air transport exhibits.

Especially in the customs declaration hall of Ningbo Airport Customs Clearance Center, Ningbo Airport Customs has set up a "CEE Expo Declaration Window" and opened a special consultation service hotline to promptly answer business consultations on customs clearance of exhibits.

"We will provide services such as appointment declaration and centralized processing for the exhibits participating in the exhibition, and give priority to the acceptance of relevant documents and customs clearance procedures to ensure smooth customs clearance of the exhibits." said Qian Jing, head of the Ningbo Airport Customs Comprehensive Business Section