Coastal tourism and leisure zone of Ningbo to be built

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Monday, 27 July 2020 14:42

The area to the southeast of Fenghua  District and against the semi-closed Xiangshan Port is a tranquil and beautiful  place. News came from the administration committee of Ningbo Coastal Tourism  and Leisure Zone on July 20 that the overall construction of the zone will be  launched in the area and Fenghua District will make great efforts to build it  the “coastal living room” of Ningbo.

The Tianfei Lake, with an investment of  two billion yuan and an area of six square kilometers, has taken shape. And  the coastal tourism and leisure zone will focus

on the “Tianfei culture”.  Along the lake, the greening and beautifying work is well under way. The  Happy Coastal Culture and Tourism Town has also been launched, with a total  investment of about 12 billion yuan.

The tourism and leisure zone is located  on the east of Fenghua District, covering the Chunhu Street, the Qiucun Town  and the Song’ao Town. With a total area of 383 square kilometers and a  coastline lengthen of 61 kilometers, the zone integrates such ecological  elements as mountain and sea, ancient roads and villages, old streets and  towns, fishing islands and wetlands. The marine area of the zone is 96 square  kilometers, and it is referred to as “marine West Lake” and “Sanya of  Zhejiang”.

So far, the spatial layout of the zone  has taken shape and the project attraction action is accelerated for the  three functional platforms of the Song’ao New Town, the economic development  zone and the tourist resort zone. A range of health care and green industrial  projects have been started in the area, with a total investment of over 50  billion yuan