Xiangshan established the first national-level fishery healthy breeding demonstration county in Ningbo

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Sunday, 15 September 2019 11:08

Recently, Xiangshan County has successfully established the first national-level fishery healthy breeding demonstration county in Ningbo.  

Xiangshan is a national fishery county, home to Chinese aquatic products, and a provincial aquaculture strong county. In recent years, Xiangshan has developed green eco-fishery as the main line, taking the quality and safety control of aquatic products as the starting point, and taking the innovation of fishery science and technology as the guide to promote the transformation of traditional fisheries into ecological, green and quality fisheries, and realize the industrialization, organization and brand building of fisheries. Fishery healthy farming is in a good development trend.  

Promote standardized production and improve the level of green and healthy farming. Xiangshan has built 25,000 mu of standardized healthy aquaculture demonstration zone, and established 9 demonstration farms for aquaculture in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. All of the factory farming has achieved recirculating aquaculture, and the qualified rate of sampling of aquatic products reached 100%; records of aquaculture production, drug use and products sale are kept; 16 demonstration sites for tailwater treatment were established; in 2019, 30 tailwater treatment demonstration sites will be built. At present, the county's fishery culture standardization rate reached 63.5%, and the fishery mechanization rate reached 75.6%.

Guide the industrial agglomeration and lead by technology demonstration. The county has completed the establishment of Xihugang Low-Carbon Healthy Breeding Demonstration Zone, the Blue Crab Eco-health Fishery Demonstration Zone in the central Xiangshan, Datanggang South American White Prawn Healthy Breeding Demonstration Zone, and the Southern Laver Healthy Breeding Demonstration Zone, and implemented two loach and large yellow croaker National Aquatic Germplasm Resources Project. It is worth mentioning that Xiangshan has made breakthroughs in the large-scale breeding of the new large yellow croaker “甬岱1”, small yellow croaker, silver carp, and squid. Among them, the breeding of small yellow croaker, silver carp and squid has filled the domestic gap.

The high degree of industrialization and organization farmers helps to hold fishmen together. The county's 41 leading fishery enterprises and 119 aquatic professional cooperatives and other new business entities participate in the market competition as a group through the use of funds, technology and other elements, which vigorously promote the standardization, specialization and intensification of fishery production and management. At present, the scale aquaculture fishery in the county has reached 62.96%.

Adhere to the fishery brands development strategy, healthy farming is both beneficial and popular. The four geographical indications of “Xiangshan Shuttle Crab”, “Xiangshan Seaweed”, “Xiangshan Big Yellow Croaker” and “Nantian Mud Snail” have a brand value of 2.47 billion yuan. In addition, the county also has 6 provincial-level brand-name products such as “Shichang” and “Ninggang”, 12 city-level brand-name products, 9 Zhejiang famous trademarks and 73 other common trademarks. The brand management is going well