Yinzhou invests 200 mln yuan to introduce 100 talents from overseas

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Monday, 31 October 2011 08:50

Recently, Yinzhou issued a notice on encouraging the overseas talents to start up and innovate on their business. It says that Yinzhou will invest nearly 200 million yuan to introduce 100 high ranking talents. 
According to the notice, global experts include those who lead in the high-tech enterprises that meet the Yinzhou industry standards, those who have served as technology or managing experts for over two years in the international famous enterprises, high-end service industry and culturally innovative enterprises and those leading innovative talents in the overseas universities and having conducted scientific research up to the international level.
Those who can meet the standards will get from the Yinzhou government favorable policy support on research, career training, housing and the arrangement of their family members’ work and study.