The first "3315" talent enterprise goes public

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Monday, 18 November 2019 16:51

Solartran Technology mainly produces special functional films such as reflective film, backing base film and optical base film. (Photo by Shen Guofeng and Wang Yu)

On the morning of November 6, Ningbo Solartran Technology Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As a “3315 Plan” talent enterprise in Ningbo, Solartran has been recognized by the capital for its special occasion at the first anniversary of the establishment of the science and technology board.  

In 2011, the city launched the “3315 Plan”, targeting high-level talents, focusing on the content of science and technology, which has helped to introduce a group of promising and effective high-level talents and projects at home and abroad for Ningbo

. They also helped to promote Ningbo’s technological innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading. "These '3315 Plan' talent enterprises have the common characteristics, that is, insisting on technological innovation." The relevant staff of the Municipal Party Committee of Talents said.

Nine years ago, Dr. Jin Yadong, born in 1976, chose to establish Solartran in Jiangbei, which focuses on the research and development of reflective film technology. As of June 30, 2019, the company has obtained 80 patents, all of which are invention patents, of which 3 are international patents, all of which are independently developed.

At present, Solartran’s independent innovation capability, technology research and development level, product type and quality, supply cycle and market position are all in the forefront of the country. The performance of core product reflective film has reached the international leading level, and its current market share ranks first in the world. It has also won the honorary title of single champion product issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2018