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Bike Industry Most Favored at Job Fair

The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring when people exert themselves to the heated job-hunting. On the day of March 3rd, Shengshan Town held the spring human resources recruitment fair with 18 enterprises leaving seats vacant for the job applicants, attracting quite a few people to consult and negotiate.
 “A majority of the 18 enterprises inviting applications for jobs are bicycle and bearing industries and they mainly recruit front-line skilled workers.” The working staff of the Labor Security Bureau at the town told us that many enterprises started operation at a relatively later time while there was a downward trend existing in the total number of employees under the influence of economic environment. However, the reporters in the recruitment site found that the recruitment demand for the manufacturing of components and parts of bicycles and musical instruments increased rather than deceased, becoming the most powerful “magnet” of the job fair.

Since Shengshan Town won the honorary title of “Chinese Bicycle-parts Industrial Base” last year, the bicycle-parts manufacturing enterprises at this town have been greatly encouraged and taken it as a valuable opportunity to intensify their transformation and upgrading while demanding a greater number of employees. The recruitment director from Ningbo Saiguan Bicycle Co., Ltd, Ms. Zhang , told the reporter that currently the enterprise has been in the ascent stage and except for guaranteeing the regular bicycle-parts manufacturing, they will launch the research and development of the finished bicycles as well as establish points of sale nationwide.  “So we not only provide 100 posts for fore-front workers more than last year but also keep searching for outstanding salesperson and design talents. “ 
  At the recruitment stall of Ningbo Senhe Musical Instrument Co., Ltd, Mr. Zhou, the person responsible for the recruitment job, was sorting the thick pile of application forms. “We plan to recruit about 50 applicants and we have already hired more than 40 people since the company was put into operation after the Spring Festival. What’s more, there are even more candidates in this job fair, around 200 people.” Behind the remarkable figures is the favorable development trend of the enterprise. According to Mr. Zhou’s introduction, we are informed that his enterprise majorly produces components and parts of musical instruments while being considered as the leading enterprise in this industry. At last year, the orders of the enterprises were all very impressive with the profits increasing nearly sixty percent in comparison with last year. Based on the state of operation in the former year, the planned number of recruitment this year rises from five to ten percent compared to last year.
With regard to the requirements proposed by many applicants concerning the problems of salary and reward and employee benefit, related enterprises have offered tempting chips. “The pay level of our company is above average in the whole industry and the food of our staff canteen is really delicious and popular with the staffs,” Mr. Zhou said, beamed with pride

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