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The First Consumption Education Center Went into Operation

 “While doing the shopping, consumers are advised to ask for a purchase proof so that they could report problematic products to the authorities”, said Leimin, vice secretary of Ningbo Consumer Protection Council in explaining how to protect consumers’ interests. Her lecture was the first one after the Consumption Education Center was set up.

Built by Ningbo Municipal Consumer Protection Council and Ningbo University Library, the Center provides a new platform for awareness building in consumption. After its inception, the Center is poised to make consumers more capable of preserving their legitimate rights and interests through launching consumer culture salon, on-site inquiry, consumption studies and distributing of publicity brochures.

“The Consumption Education Center will stage at least a special activity within a month”, said Yu Leimin. Authoritative sources will join us in providing insights into how to uphold rights and interests and how to consume in a more sensible way. The sources include relevant department officials, people from all circles, inspectors, university professors and lawyers. In addition, the Center will distribute publicity materials that include related laws and regulations, commodity-related briefings, rights and interests protection brochures and so on. Faculty from the Center will make regular visits to shopping malls and supermarkets as a way of promoting ways to identify substandard goods. This approach is interesting and well targeted.

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