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Ningbo Modern Natural Agriculture Institution Unveiled

Ningbo’s first Spring Plowing Cultural Festival opened on Mar. 5th,announced by the deputy mayor, Lin Jingguo.

The fifth day of March is called Insects Awaken in China, one of the 24 Solar Terms. Because in this day all living things come to life, making noises that shock dormant insects out of their caves. Farmers start plowing as a busy season kicks off.

The festival was sponsored by the Municipal Department of Publicity, the Municipal Agricultural Bureau, etc., and hosted by Tiansheng Farming. It will last 10 days, during which time various activities will be arranged, including poetry recital, photo contest, tug of war, etc. Over one thousand enthusiastic citizens witnessed the meaningful moment.

On Mar. 5th, Ningbo Modern Natural Agriculture Institution was unveiled, co-founded by the Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Tiansheng Farming. It is not only the first research institution of natural agriculture in Zhejiang, but also the first in this field to be leaded by government while co-founded with an enterprise.

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