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“Reading Classics” theme park unveiled

The classic recommendation wall in the park. (Photo by Wang Bo and Li Yujie)

On June 10th, our city's first "Reading Classics" theme park was unveiled in Dongjiao Street, Yinzhou District. The park is not only equipped with tables and chairs for parent-child reading, but also introduces the academic achievements and deeds of Ningbo cultural celebrities Wang Anshi, Wang Yinglin, and Wang Yangming.

"The joy of life lies in understanding each other." "If one does not study diligently, their aspirations will not be fully realized." "A jade will not shine without being polished. Without learning, a person will not know the truth."... There are famous sayings and admonitions next to every Ningbo cultural celebrity's image.

In the park, there is also a classic recommendation wall with books suitable for all ages to read: "Three Hundred Tang Poems", "Grimm's Fairy Tales", "Me and the Altar of Earth", "How Steel is Tempered", "Rural China", "The Old Man and the Sea"

Yesterday, the “TeenTalk” whole book reading charity team organized children to read books with illustrations together. The children, dressed in Hanfu, enchanted “Little Zongzi, Little Zongzi” along with the teacher to experience the traditional culture while reading.

"Building a park full of reading atmosphere near our home and allowing adults and children to read classics in a relaxed environment is a enjoyment," said the relevant person in charge of Dongjiao Street.

It is also reported that the theme activity of "Reading Classics" has been widely carried out in Yinzhou District. Among them, the Yinzhou Library held a lecture on the introduction of Journey to the West and a book exhibition; Various stores of Yinzhou Xinhua Bookstore have launched activities such as Xu Haijiao's new book release and "I am the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage". Next, the district will hold nearly a hundred reading activities such as the "Reading Conference" and the "Classic of Mountains and Seas" series

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