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Terminal 1 Restarts! Ningbo has two terminals now

At 7:00 a.m. on August 1, Loong Air flight GJ8027 took off from Ningbo Lishe International Airport to Yinchuan (stopping at Xiangyang), which was the first flight after the reopening of Ningbo Airport Terminal 1 (T1). After the restart of Terminal 1, Ningbo Airport has two terminals now.

With the commissioning of Terminal 1, the number of security checkpoints at Ningbo Airport has increased to 30 and the number of check-in counters has increased to 66. Terminal 1 has 7 covered bridges, which is expected to increase the bridge occupancy rate of flights to 85%.

Ningbo Airport Terminal 1 was completed and put into use on October 8, 2002, with a building area of 45000 square meters and a designed annual passenger throughput of 3.8 million people. By 2019, the annual cargo throughput of the airport had exceeded 100000 tons, and the annual passenger transport volume had exceeded ten million people. At the end of that year, Terminal 2 (T2) was put into use and Terminal 1 was suspended. In April 2022, Terminal 1 started its renovation with a total investment of 269 million yuan. The interior renovation area of the terminal is approximately 32000 square meters. After renovation, the total area remains unchanged and can meet the demand for an annual passenger throughput of 4.5 million, with facility space reserved for an annual passenger volume of 6 million.

The renovated Terminal 1 has a brand-new look now, with a design capacity increase of 18%. The biggest highlight of the renovation is the construction of a new corridor leading to Terminal 2. In addition, Terminal 1 has an independent parking lot and boarding and disembarking platform

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