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Green food awareness month launched

On the morning of March 4, the launching ceremony of Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Law publicity and green food awareness month kicked off at the Drum Tower Station of the 1st railway line. Metros themed on green food and agricultural products of geographical indication ran in the first and second railway line respectively.

This event will last for 3 months. On the launching ceremony, books of Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Law was distributed, strategic cooperation agreements on the quality, safety, insurance and service of agricultural products and publicity of green food brand were signed, and 29 Ningbo players in green food market with over ten consecutive years of certification were commended. On the site, highlights were given to six green food and agricultural products of geographical indication: Fengzhifei Wine, Baiping Camellia oil, Qingke strawberries, Mengjun tea, Qixiangqiao rice, and Xikou bamboo shoots. More than 100 delicacies in the categories of tea, fruit, rice, vegetables, seafood, wine, oil, and mushroom were in display.

It is learned that the green food metro of railway line 1 introduces to the public some common concerns such as "what is green food, why green food is of quality and safe, what are the real local green foods in Ningbo and how to buy green food"; the agricultural products of geographical indication metro of railway line 2 focuses on the types, characteristics, regional distribution and other related knowledge of the 20 agricultural products of geographical indication. In addition, there are plenty of large publicity light boxes and green food products publicity shield door stickers in the high-volume stations such as Gulou Station, Ningbo Railway Station, and North Fuqing Road Station.

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