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Ningbo white-collars were most satisfied with interpersonal relationships last year

Are you satisfied with your work and life in Ningbo last year? A few days ago, Zhilian Recruitment released the "2022 White-collar Satisfaction Index Survey Report", which includes the job satisfaction index of salary and welfare, training and learning, job promotion and interpersonal relationship, and the life satisfaction index of physical health, mental health, sex life, reading, vacation, and accompanying family.

The data show that the job satisfaction index of white-collar workers in Ningbo is 2.37; the life satisfaction index was 2.40.

From the perspective of various detailed indicators, as the "six consecutive titles" of the national civilized city and striving to create a national civilized model city, Ningbo's interpersonal relationship in the workplace appears to be very harmonious. According to the data, Ningbo white-collar workers are most satisfied with interpersonal relationships, with a satisfaction index of 2.49, followed by job promotion (2.47).

Last year, Ningbo formulated and implemented "47 policies" to stabilize the chain and help enterprises, "16 policies" to stabilize the economy, and the continuation policy to stabilize the economic market. According to the data, 46.6% of Ningbo white-collar workers had pay raise, higher than the 35.3% nationwide.

In this report, more than 70% of Ningbo white-collar workers have developed sidelines. Thanks to the development of commerce and trade industry, 24.4% of Ningbo white-collar workers choose WeChat and private domain flow realization as their sidelines, and 20% of them choose the new professional role-play host as their sidelines.

In terms of life satisfaction, the deposit status of white-collar workers in Ningbo improved last year. The proportion of "debtors' alliance" decreased from 28% in 2021 to 17.8%. At the same time, Ningbo white-collar workers with deposits of more than 50000 yuan accounted for 24.4%, up from 18% in 2021.

Last year was a year of stable and positive economic and social operation. Due to the strong uncertainty of the development environment, Ningbo white-collar workers' job satisfaction and life satisfaction were lower than the overall national level. White-collar workers can better achieve the balance between work and life through professional training and sideline work.

When asked about the business plan for the new year, nearly 50% of Ningbo white-collar workers said that they wanted to improve themselves and master a new skill

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