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A special final examination held

On the afternoon of January 14, on the campus of Zhonggongmiao Central Primary School of Yinzhou District, the students of Grade Two were taking part in a special final examination for music.

That is part of the special final examination for the students from Grade One and Grade Two of the school, in the form of a park tour. The activities included identifying the old landmarks of Ningbo, enjoying the tangyuan, singing traditional Ningbo tunes, painting new landmarks of Ningbo, and other games like dialing the clocks, painting cards with the pictures of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port and Hangzhou Bay Bridge, and finding out the pronunciations of such local time honored brands as Gangyagou, Zhuangyuan Building and Zhao Dayou.

By integrating the knowledge into a park tour of traditional local culture, the event helped the students to consolidate their learning in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, serving as a successful implementation of the “double-reduction policy”.

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