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Promoting Ningbo's culture in foreign countries

At the invitation of Nagaoka Municipal Government, Ningbo Artistic Troupe, of over 30 artists, recently left for Nagaoka for the 4th Ningbo Overseas Cultural Week. Yan Xiaoping, vice director of Ningbo Artistic Troupe said, "Our performances are distinct for Ningbo local favors and they will have the audiences know more about Ningbo."

In recent years, Ningbo has made great efforts to implement the strategy of having its culture "going out", and explore new ways and channels for overseas cultural exchanges. According to incomplete statistic figures, since 2004, the city has organized over 60 cultural exchange programs to over 20 countries and regions including USA, France, Britain, Japan, and China's Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. These programs are all district for Chinese flavors and Ningbo local culture, involving such fields as the Yong Opera, the Shaoxing Opera, traditional Chinese instrumental music, dance, calligraphy and fine arts.

According to the Plan of Overseas Cultural Exchanges in the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period, Ningbo should organize a number of key cultural promoting program every year to explore the markets for the cultural products of Ningbo and promote the competitiveness and influence of the products. According to the plan, every year, the city should send one or two cultural troupes to the sister cities of Ningbo

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