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"Eastern Zhejiang Canal—a dialogue between Hangzhou and Ningbo"

The Yaojiang section of the Eastern Zhejiang Canal. (Photo by Qiu Wenxiong and Shen Yingjun

On June 21, the Ningbo branch event of "Eastern Zhejiang Canal—a Dialogue between Hangzhou and Ningbo" opened in Cicheng Art Museum. The theme of this year's event is "the ancient charm and new sound of the Grand Canal".

Today is a special day for the ninth anniversary of China's Grand Canal's successful application for World Heritage, and the "Eastern Zhejiang Canal—a Dialogue between Hangzhou and Ningbo" activity has also gone through three years.

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Tailored clearance "secrets" accelerate enterprise development

These are the duty-free equipment that we just imported a few days ago and can enjoy a tax reduction of over 800000 yuan. "At the production site of Forehope Electronics (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., the company's business manager pointed to the integrated circuit testing machines and said," The second phase project is about to be completed, and 150 more such equipment are needed. At that time, this real cash reduction can also benefit enterprises

The vigorous development of enterprises is closely related to their own "core technology" and also to the strong support of the local government.

According to statistics, from January to April this year, the value of imported semiconductor manufacturing equipment in Yuyao was 370 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.5 times.

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Ningbo enterprises can enjoy tariff preferential treatment

Ningbo enterprises can enjoy tariff preferential treatment from the importing country since Philippines joins RCEP family

On June 3rd, a declaration of origin for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) independently issued by the enterprise was printed out in the International Trade Department office of Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper Industry Co., Ltd. It is reported that this declaration is the first declaration of origin issued by Ningbo after RCEP officially came into effect for the Philippines on June 2, 2023. With this declaration of origin, the company's exports of white cardboard worth approximately ¥280000 to the Philippines can directly enjoy zero tariff preferential treatment from the importing country.

“The moment of effective implementation of RCEP for the Philippines that we are waiting for finally comes, "sighed Wei Li, the manager of the International Trade Department of Asia Pulp and Paper Industry. Some of the raw materials for the company's products come from Thailand and Indonesia, and are processed in China before being exported to the Philippines. By applying the rules of regional accumulation of origin, they can enjoy tariff reductions from the Philippines under RCEP. “According to last year's foreign trade situation, we are

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Ningbo Liaison Offices in Warsaw and Athens unveiled

Ningbo expands its business relation after holding the exhibition in Poland

It is learned from the Ningbo’s delegation in Europe that the Ningbo Liaison Office in Warsaw and the Ningbo Liaison Office in Athens, Greece have been unveiled, which will help accelerate Ningbo's high-level opening up.

On May 30th local time, witnessed by Yanus Piechoczynski, former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland and Chairman of the Polish Asian Chamber of Commerce, the Ningbo Liaison Office in Warsaw held an unveiling ceremony at the Warsaw China Mall. Subsequently, on June 2nd local time, the unveiling ceremony of the Ningbo Liaison Office in Athens, Greece was held at the China Greece Investor Federation. More than 50 representatives from the Ningbo delegation and departments such as the Attica Provincial Government, Athens Municipal

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Ningbo awarded “National Online Market Supervision and Service Demonstration Zone”

The State Administration for Market Regulation recently released the first batch of national online market supervision and service demonstration zones, with a total of 13 zones on the list, and Ningbo with high scores, becoming the first planned city to win the title.

The National Online Market Supervision and Service Demonstration Zone (hereinafter referred to as the Demonstration Zone) is a specific area recognized by the State Administration for Market Regulation, with a sound online market supervision and service system, sound mechanisms, standardized management, and strong innovation capabilities, and has a demonstrative and leading role nationwide.

Ningbo officially launched the establishment of a demonstration zone in 2018. Based on the "greatest resource" of ports and the "greatest advantage" of openness, Ningbo actively explores innovative regulatory and service models that are suitable for new business models in the online market and creates many iconic achievements with Ningbo characteristics.

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