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The 42-year-old Zhenhai Golden Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition Opens

The autumn breeze is cool, and the golden chrysanthemum blooms. Yesterday, the 34th Zhenhai Golden Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition officially opened, with more than 60,000 pots of chrysanthemum exhibited.

As a well-known local brand of mass cultural activities, Zhenhai Golden Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition has a 42-year history since it was held in 1979. Yesterday morning, the Zhenhai People’s Park in Zhaobaoshan Street was full of flowers, and the front gate was decorated with two unique chrysanthemums for the citizens to enjoy and appreciate.

At the scene, people came to see the chrysanthemum in an endless stream. They sometimes took photos of the chrysanthemum in front of the chrysanthemum landscaping, and sometimes discussed the arrangement of the chrysanthemum bonsai with their friends and relatives.

"The chrysanthemum exhibition can cultivate our sentiment. I come to the exhibition every year. I prefer red chrysanthemums and red hair chrysanthemums." The citizen Mr. Xu said that he also planted some chrysanthemums in his home. This time I want to find like-minded friends together to explore how to grow chrysanthemums.

It is understood that this year's chrysanthemum exhibition is divided into two exhibition areas, Zhaobaoshan Street and Ningbo Botanical Garden, focusing on chrysanthemum landscaping, highlighting chrysanthemum cultivation and bonsai landscaping skills, and displaying chrysanthemum culture and bonsai art. The chrysanthemum exhibition will last until November 27th

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