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Ningbo rural creative competition held

On the afternoon of July 30, the “Yongnong Cup” Ningbo Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition announced the results. After intense competition, the expansion and sales project of self-bred amaryllis won the first prize, the labor research and learning of small farmers and the one-stop marine (fishery) service platform project won the second prize, and the whole industrial chain project of the high-quality yellow croaker, the Mingzhou Tianyu Eco-agricultural Park and the rural industrial integration development demonstration park project won the third prize. The winners also won the special financial services of pre-credit loans provided by the Agricultural Bank of China.

With the theme of “cultivating the world and innovating the future”, this competition aims to select excellent projects, publicize entrepreneurial models and set a successful example. A total of 31 agricultural makers in the city signed up for the competition with 31 different projects. After the preliminary and semi-finals, 10 of them stood out and entered the final.

According to a person in charge from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Areas, the competition will optimize the rural entrepreneurship and innovation environment and further create an atmosphere for returning entrepreneurship and innovation, so as to attract more people of ideals, ambitions and abilities to join the team of agricultural entrepreneurs, and gather the new momentum of agricultural and rural development and rural revitalization.

For the next step, Ningbo will implement the “10,000 makers cultivation action” and strengthen policy support to cultivate and bring up 10,000 agricultural makers who will take roots in the countryside, devote themselves to agriculture and drive farmers’ development, and to promote agricultural makers to start businesses, innovate, lead and make achievements in rural revitalization, so as to contribute to the city’s agricultural and rural modernization, provide strong support for building a leading city for common prosperity with high quality

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