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More than 600 "Little Talents" in Science and Technology Compete in Intelligence

On July 29, the 2021APAR Asia-Pacific Youth Technology Innovation Conference was held in Fenghua. More than 600 "little talents" from all over the country competed for intelligence and exchanged skills in science and technology innovation.

The APAR Asia-Pacific Youth Science and Technology Innovation Conference is a comprehensive activity platform for science and technology innovation education open to young people in the Asia-Pacific region. So far, it has been successfully held for nine sessions.

This year’s conference is divided into two groups: the toddler group and the school-age group. With "artificial intelligence" as the core driving force, with the theme of "New Journey to the Future", it has set up construction, creativity, robotics, programming, and artificial intelligence. The five categories of competition awards, including intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, are aimed at stimulating the innovative and creative spirit of young people, improving their hands-on ability, and applying the learned artificial intelligence theory to various scenarios

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