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Ningbo’s first City Water Supply History Museum opens

Ningbo’s first City Water Supply History Museum opens this Wednesday to tell the story of the city’s water supply development.

The Ningbo City Water Supply History Museum, covering an area of 500 square meters, is located in No. 348, Xinhe Road,

Jiangdong Water Plant of Ningbo Water Supply and Drainage Group. The museum tells Ningbo’s water-drinking story by focusing on its historical development: from directly drinking raindrops, to the opening of the first water supply corporation in Ningbo in 1926, the building of Ningbo’s first water plant, the first sip of tap water, as well as a series of water equipment installing and technological updating like “one household one water meter” introduction, long-distance water diversion construction, and using filtered water from new updated technologies. All previous efforts done to provide hygiene water to citizens in Ningbo are shown in the museum.

Historic stories and articles from the past presented in the museum are all witnesses to the development of Ningbo’s water supply system. To make the story more vivid, the museum prepares different exhibition areas that appeal to our senses: the audiovisual area, sand table simulation area, human-machine interaction area, discussion and communication area, and outdoor experience area.

The museum now opens from Monday to Friday, and only accepts reservations from citizen groups in Ningbo

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