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Ningbo’s publishing industry has accelerated the pace of “going global”.

Yuan Zhijian, President of Ningbo Publishing House, communicates with Antonia Zankova.

“Literary translation and publishing have set up a rainbow bridge for cultural exchanges between countries around the world, and this exhibition of publishing achievements is like a cultural feast.” On the afternoon of May 24th, the exhibition of publishing cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries was unveiled in Ningbo Library.


1.Hungarian publishing industry leader: Ningbo is culturally tolerant and open


Hosted by the China-CEEC Publishing Alliance, the exhibition showcased more than 400 books co-published by China and CEE countries, presenting the achievements of people-to-people exchanges between China and CEE countries in recent years. The alliance was established in 2018 and its secretariat is located in the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLRC).

“This is my sixth time in China, but my first time in Ningbo.” Kochish, who attended the unveiling ceremony, was very excited, and in just two days, he was impressed by the coastal city, “Ningbo is culturally tolerant and open, and it is a very developed city. “

“Life is precious, but love is even more valuable. If it is free, both can be thrown. “This poem is a household name in China. More than 90 years ago, the writer who translated the short poem of the Hungarian poet Pei Duofei into a Chinese five-character poem was Yin Fu, who was born in Xiangshan, Ningbo. “Books allow us to see the commonalities of different cultures, such as Pei Duofei and Yin Fu.” Kocsis said he is interested in Chinese culture.

“Chinese culture is broad and profound, and it is very popular in Hungary.” Kocsis said that Chinese writer Cao Wenxuan’s “Bronze Sunflower” has been widely disseminated in Hungary and is very popular with local children.

After visiting the exhibition of publishing cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries, Kocsis was particularly happy. “This is Yin Fu’s hometown, and it is very meaningful for the literary works of so many countries to meet here this time.” Kocsis believes that foreign translation and publishing of literature builds a bridge of cultural exchange between countries around the world, so that people from different languages, nationalities and cultures can understand each other......


2. In cooperation with Ningbo Publishing House, Bulgarian sinologists were pleasantly surprised


At the event, Antonia Zankova, an associate professor and sinologist at Sofia University in Bulgaria, shared the reception of Chinese literary translation in Bulgaria.

“The textbook “Walking Around China”, which we cooperated with the Foreign Research Society, is very popular with students in Bulgaria, and I am honored to participate in the compilation of this book.” Zankova said that the course she teaches at her local school is ancient Chinese Chinese, and she is very fond of Chinese classic literature, and she is also very familiar with and loves the works of Confucius, Laozi and Zhuangzi.

Zankova said she has been to Ningbo many times because of her work. “After in-depth contact with Ningbo Publishing House, we quickly reached a cooperation intention.” Zankova said that through the cooperation, more Chinese literature can be brought to Bulgaria, and Bulgarian literature can also be introduced to Chinese readers.

“At present, more than a dozen literary works have been translated into China and Bulgaria.” Zankova said that Ningbo Publishing House has started publishing a series of children’s books from various countries, and she hopes that Bulgarian fairy tales will be translated into Chinese in the future.


3. Accelerate the publication of “going out”, so that more Ningbo stories can go to the world


At the event, Yuan Zhijian, President of Ningbo Publishing House, accompanied foreign guests to visit the exhibition, and introduced the local culture of Ningbo and the development of book publishing in Ningbo in fluent English.

“In recent years, we have also accelerated the pace of publishing ‘going global’, and have made a lot of efforts to tell Chinese stories and Ningbo stories, promote excellent traditional Chinese culture, and introduce contemporary Chinese literature.” Yuan Zhijian said that in addition to “There is a Tengtou Village in China” (English and Bulgarian versions) and “Ten Thousand Lights” (English version), they also published “We Love Ningbo So Much” (English version), which reflects the theme of urban culture, “Underwater Archaeology in China” (Arabic version) with innovative themes, “This Heart is Bright: The Story of Wang Yangming” (English version of the comic book), “Five Thousand Years of China” (Bulgarian version), “Chinese Food Story” (Bulgarian version), “ 365 Nights Tales (Bulgarian edition), Chinese literature “Selected Poems of Rongrong” (English edition), “Huang Ruiyun’s Fable” (English edition), etc., “These works have achieved copyright export and global distribution. “

“The intersection between countries lies in people-to-people ties and mutual learning among civilizations, and books build a bridge of spiritual communication and make the world’s culture more diverse and bright.” Yuan Zhijian said

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