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Yuyao accelerates building of the intelligent economic demonstration zone

By accelerating the construction of the intelligent economic demonstration zone, Yuyao County has improved its industrial scale with the powerful engine of an intelligent economy. In the first quarter of this year, the core industry of the large-scale digital economy (i.e. the manufacturing industry) achieved an added value of 2.23 billion yuan, accounting for one fifth of that of Ningbo, ranking first among all districts and counties.
The county has strengthened the top-level design, cultivated the "industrial cluster" project of intelligent economy, and implemented the three-year action plan to enhance the stability and competitiveness of industrial chain and supply chain, thus promoting the full-speed development of intelligent economy. Last year, the added value of the city's large-scale industrial intelligent economy was more than 26.4 billion yuan, accounting for 60.5% of the total, an increase of 5.3 percentage points over the previous year.
It has cultivated the multi-level intelligent economic entities and built a system of specialized high-growth enterprises, single champions and leading enterprises, thus promoting the formation of a gradient development pattern. By giving full play to the role of leading

enterprises such as SunYu, Geely and Jiangfeng Electronics, it has achieved the integrated development of large, medium-sized and small intelligent enterprises. A total of 50 single champion (invisible champion) enterprises above the municipal level have been cultivated. The county ranks first in Ningbo in terms of the total number of national "single champion" demonstration enterprises and provincial "invisible champion" cultivation enterprises.
It has strengthened the guarantee of factors and promoted the agglomeration of advantageous resources. With the focus on the four core industries of new materials, opto-electronic information, new energy vehicles and key parts, and robots and intelligent equipment, Yuyao County has promoted the inclination of advantageous resources to high-end intelligent manufacturing. In particular, the innovative launch of a series of platforms, such as "financial supermarkets", "land supermarkets" and "talent and technology supermarkets", has continuously strengthened the revitalization of existing lands and enlarged the leverage role of funds, realizing the efficient docking of resource elements. Since last year, 37 intelligent economic industrial projects have been attracted for settlement, with a total investment of 17.56 billion yuan. 323 high-level talents and 4,615 high skilled talents have been attracted and cultivated in the field of intelligent economy.
The county has strengthened the driving role of platforms, completed the construction planning of the "intelligent science and technology innovation corridor of west Ningbo" and the characteristic industrial belt along Hangzhou Bay with high quality, vigorously promoted the construction of such major platforms as Sino-Italian Ningbo Ecological Park and Yuyao Talent Entrepreneurship Park, and built characteristic subdivision industrial platforms such as the smart photoelectric town, the smart-valley robot town, the Cloud City and the electronic materials industrial park. The smart photoelectric town and the smart-valley robot town are oriented as "intelligent industry towns", with the focus on the construction of intelligent industry chain to build provincial characteristic towns at a high level. At present, the proportion of characteristic industries of these two provincial towns has reached 90.1% and 75.6% respectively

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